Is Singlepage right for me?

A Singlepage website is a fantastic solution for many small businesses, especially if you match one or more of these statements:

  • your business has a small number of employees - or even just one!
  • you operate in a service sector
  • you don't have the time or the technical know-how to build your own website
  • your budget is limited and may not stretch to a custom-designed site from a web designer
  • you don't have a website yet or your current website is old and needs changing

Singlepage is definitely not suitable for some clients, for example if:

  • you need a sophisticated e-commerce system
  • you are not based in the UK

Your site can start even with just one single page! However, there are benefits to adding more pages to your Singlepage site - what are the issues to consider?


If you have a lot of material, this would be better spread over several pages to make it easier to read for your site visitors. This would also give the site more prominence in search engines.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is a complicated subject. Some businesses may find it fairly easy to get onto the first page of Google search results for their target search phrase(s). But some businesses will have a tougher time, for various reasons such as:

  • they may have chosen target search phrases for which there is a lot of competition
  • their sector may be very fragmented and they may have a lot more direct competitors

Multi-page sites

If you feel that SEO is going to be very competitive for you, and you have the content to fill a larger site, you may be better off with several pages. In this case, each page can target a slightly different search phrase. Singlepage sites are priced according to the number of pages in your site, from a single page up to about 10 pages - see our Pricing page.