How does Singlepage compare with a Facebook page?

Facebook can be very effective for businesses which are looking to build a community of customers and potential customers - especially if the business can be sufficiently active and creative in how it uses Facebook.

Some small businesses may feel they don't need to pay money for a website because they've already got a Facebook page. But it can be risky to rely on Facebook alone for these reasons.

  • identity: on Facebook, your page has an address at facebook.com. But if you have your own website, it uses your own domain name. This is a name you have specifically chosen, it gives a professional identity to your business and it can also be used for your email addresses 
  • control: on Facebook, you don't own your page and if Facebook changes in ways you don't like, you could be left without an effective online presence. But if you have your own website, you are in control. 
  • clutter: on Facebook, your material will have Facebook ads immediately next to it, targeting your customers. But with your own website, you choose what content appears
  • reputation: you might like the "engagement" with your customers that you can achieve on Facebook, but although you've started the conversation it may occasionally go in directions you're not completely happy about. On your own website, you can choose exactly how you present everything, so there's no risk to your reputation
  • time commitment: getting the best result out of a Facebook page takes quite a lot of time and effort on an ongoing basis

Ideally, businesses would have both - they would have a website for a controlled, professional presentation of their business; and they would have Facebook to get more involved with their customers.

But if you only have time for one online activity, we believe you should start with a good website.