What's the process for building my website and how long does it take?

1. The process starts with you contacting us and placing an order.

2. The important next step is for you to send us all the material you want us to use, including:
  • website name
  • logo if you have one
  • text
  • photographs
  • any other material you want us to include

You can email us all your material. Alternatively, we have an online form that you can use to send us this material (ask if you'd prefer to use this). Please bear in mind:

  • all your material must be in electronic format - for example, your text should be a Word document or .txt file and your logo and images should be .jpg, .gif or .png files
  • all your material should be sent together as quickly as possible at one time by email or using the form link we provide

3. Only after we have received all your material, can we actually start to build your site.

We will aim to build the site within 14 days of receiving your material. When the site has been built, we will provide a link to the site on a test url so that you can review the site.

4. You can request up to 2 rounds of amendments within the initial setup fee: in each round, you should request the amendments within 7 days of the previous version of the website being published on the test url and we will aim to complete your amendments within 7 days of receiving your instructions.

Any further amendments requested by you after these 2 rounds will be chargeable work: we will indicate how much support time should be purchased to complete the work and the work will only be commenced after you have paid in advance for that support work. In the event that timescales are likely to be significantly different from those indicated here, we will aim to publish the timescales on our website or notify you by email.

The amount of material to be included on the website during the site setup will be limited to what in our discretion is considered reasonable in the situation. Issues like file size, download speed and site usability will have to be considered.


The minimum time to build your site could be around 2 weeks, if you supply your material on the day we request it and if you request no amendments after the initial site build.

On the other hand, allowing for the time you may need to supply your material, and if you request two rounds of amendments, the site could take 6-8 weeks to complete.

Most sites will fall somewhere between these two extremes. If you have a particularly urgent requirement, we may be able to help - please contact us to check.