How to compress files

You can send us all the material to include on your site by email. Alternatively, you can use a form on this website - we can send you a link to the form when you've placed your order. The form allows you to upload files such as your text, photos, logo etc.

You may have several photos or images you want to send us - but there's only one file upload field on the form for "images". In this case, you will need to combine your images into a single compressed "zip" file and upload that.

If you are already familiar with using a compression application like WinZip, please use that to produce your zip file.

Here's how to make a zip file if you don't have an app like WinZip.

If you're using a Windows computer (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8):

  • browse to find the files you wish to compress
  • select all the files you want to compress by holding down the "Control" key whilst clicking on each file
  • right-click over one of your selected files
  • select "Send To" from the menu which appears
  • select "Compressed (zipped) Folder" from the list of options
  • this will create a zip file with the same name as one of your files and in the same location

If you're using a Mac:

  • browse to find the files you wish to compress and select them all
  • click on "File ... Compress"
  • this will create a file with the default name "Archive.zip"