Enquiry emails from my website are ending up in my Junk folder!

If your Singlepage website has an enquiry form and if you are not using the Singlepage web hosting account for your email service, you may find that the enquiry emails from the website form end up in your Junk email folder.

This is particularly likely if you have added an SPF record to your DNS records - and this is often the case if you are using an externally-hosted email service like Gmail or Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 in combination with your own domain name.

SPF records identify which servers have been identified by the domain owner as being allowed to send email on behalf of that domain. Email services like Gmail and Microsoft Exchange often recommend setting up an SPF record because that will link Gmail/Microsoft with the domain. The purpose is to reduce spam by allowing recipients of email to try to verify whether an email from e.g. Gmail that claims to be on behalf of your domain is genuine.

The SPF record may specifically exclude all other servers from sending valid email for your domain. And this in turn may result in the enquiry emails from the website form being classified as spam or junk.

A solution is to add or amend the SPF record to allow the Singlepage webserver to send mail on behalf of your domain.

The correct format of the SPF record will vary depending on what other services you are using. The objective is to retain any information from an existing SPF record and to add in the server address of your Singlepage website.

Amending DNS records requires logging in to your domain name registrar - we don't have access to your domain registrar so you will have to make these changes. If you have an existing SPF record, you should consult with whoever set that up before making any changes - and you should make the changes carefully.

Here's an example based on Microsoft's advice for users of Exchange Online:

  • original value of SPF record as required by Exchange Online:
    • v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com –all
  • amended value to specifically allow email for this domain to be sent from the Singlepage website:
    • v=spf1 ip4: include:spf.protection.outlook.com –all

In the amended version, the characters "ip4:" have been inserted into the existing SPF record - this refers to the IP address of the Singlepage webserver. Note that the remainder of the SPF record has been left unchanged.

If you don't already have an SPF record, setting one up may still resolve the issue - here's an example if you are setting one up for the first time, just to resolve the issue of website enquiry emails going into Junk:

  • v=spf1 ip4: –all

The IP address to use for your Singlepage webserver may be different to that shown above. But you should use the same IP address as you have been given when setting up an "A" record to connect your domain to your website when the new site was launched. If in doubt, contact support as follows:

  • email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • or raise a new ticket at http://singlepage.freshdesk.com/

To summarise, this issue isn't really a problem with the website, but it's a result of the way your email is configured - especially if that requires the use of an SPF record.

There's a more detailed explanation of SPF records here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework