Singlepage originated from the idea that a lot of small businesses need:

  • a simple, modern and professional website to describe their services and provide contact details
  • help to build the site
  • a budget price!


Singlepage slots in between two alternative options of building your site yourself or hiring a web designer. Your Singlepage site is built for you, removing the time and complexity of the DIY approach. But it comes in well below the budget for a typical web designer because design time is reduced by using a more standardised system to build your site cost-effectively without individually custom-designing every aspect. And the system includes a lot of versatility in terms of content and design so each Singlepage site can look quite different. After the site goes live, you can edit it yourself to keep it up to date - and editing a site that has already been built for you is much easier than building a DIY website from scratch!


Singlepage is a trading name of Interact Partners Ltd, a web design business. Interact offers a more comprehensive web design service in comparison to the very cost-effective approach of Singlepage - see the Interact website for more information. As a small business itself, Singlepage understands the time and financial pressures on small businesses.

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