A cookie is a small file containing just text, downloaded on to a device when a user accesses certain websites. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s device.

The European E-Privacy Directive requires that websites setting cookies should inform users that cookies are being used and get their consent to this use of cookies - see below for more information.

The Singlepage website uses cookies

Like most websites, the Singlepage site uses cookies to:

  • monitor how many visitors use the site, how they find the site, which pages they visit and what computer systems they are using
  • help users share links using their social networks
  • help us improve the site and make it work well for all users
  • help us market the site cost-effectively, keeping our costs down

Which cookies are used?

This site uses:

  • Google Analytics cookies to monitor how many users are using the site, how they find the site, which pages they visit and what type of devices they are using. As an example, this information can help us see how many users are using mobile phones and how many are using computer monitors of various sizes. We can view reports analysing this information, but we can't identify individual users - see: https://developers.google.com/analytics/resources/concepts/gaConceptsCookies
  • cookies to help users share links
  • session cookies are used for all users; they are particularly helpful for logged-in users and help present the correct information to each user e.g. when paying Singlepage invoices through this website

Can any of the cookie information identify individuals?

We cannot identify individual users unless they have logged into our site e.g. to pay invoices - and we would be unable to offer the facility of online payment without this type of cookie.

Granting us permission to use cookies

We presume that users who have their web browsers set up to accept cookies and who continue to use our site, have accepted this site's use of cookies.

Can I stop cookies being saved on my computer?

Users who do not want to have cookies saved on their computers or other devices can block them - see the information below. Users who do not block cookies are presumed to have given their consent to the cookies used on this site.

More information: