Singlepage websites must be hosted at Singlepage and all clients will pay an annual fee for web hosting to cover:

  • space on a web server to store the Singlepage system and your website content
  • the database used by your website
  • internet access for your website
  • email addresses for your business (if required)

This page describes the web hosting and email service.

But what about domain names?

You will require your own domain name for your Singlepage website. I will need to know this domain name when you place your order, although it won't be used until your site has been built and is ready to go live.

So if you do not already have a domain name, you should register one with a registrar before you place your order. For more information, please see the domain FAQs page.

Web hosting

Singlepage web hosting accounts provide the following:

  • 5GB of storage space (for the website and email)
  • 10GB of bandwidth per month
  • 1 MySQL database used for the Singlepage website system
  • 5 email mailboxes (if required)

This should be more than enough for most small businesses, especially since your Singlepage site is one page. However, in the event that you are approaching either of these limits, you will be sent an email warning. If you are approaching the storage limit, you will be offered a chance to delete website content or emails to save storage space. If you would prefer not to do that, or if you are approaching the bandwidth limit, you will be offered the chance to upgrade to another level of hosting account - see the pricing page for current prices.

All Singlepage hosting accounts run for a minimum period of 12 months, are payable in advance in one payment which is non-refundable. Annual renewals are also for a minimum period of 12 months payable in advance and non-refundable.


All Singlepage hosting accounts include 5 mailboxes, which can be set up when your Singlepage site is built. Alternatively, you can request some to be set up later as a paid support task.

You will be sent advice on how to set up your email programme (e.g. Outlook) or tablet/smartphone to send and receive mail using your Singlepage email account.

You should set up your own anti-virus protection and ensure that it is kept up to date. Singlepage cannot take responsibility for clients' virus protection.

Alternative email services

You do not have to use Singlepage's email service - it is offered as a basic service for clients that require it. If you already have an email service set up elsewhere that you are happy with, you can use Singlepage just for your website providing you keep your other email service live and continue to pay for it if required. Clients may also want to consider using services like Gmail in combination with your own domain, which offers various benefits - see the Email FAQs page for more information about email services.