You're probably getting the hang of this now - I build it, you update it!

Whilst you may not have been keen to build the entire site from scratch, editing a site where all your content has already been uploaded is much easier.

Editing and updating the site yourself avoids the delay and cost involved if you have to rely on a web designer to make every little change for you.

Best of both worlds

We hope Singlepage gives you the best of both worlds:

  • help with the difficult job of building your site
  • then you can edit the site yourself

Changes you can make

With a Singlepage site, you will be able to add, edit and delete content in your site as follows:

  • site name or logo
  • text
  • photos and other images
  • slideshows
  • photo galleries
  • videos (must be hosted at YouTube or similar sites)
  • Google maps
  • contact forms (add or delete only)
  • modules (e.g. "Latest news", "Opening times", "What our customers say")
  • social share and follow buttons (add or delete only)

In addition, you can also edit these design aspects:

  • background colour or pattern or background photo
  • fonts for text and headings (selecting from the range of built-in fonts)
  • content can be moved to different positions on the page (NB this involves deleting it from the old position and setting it up again in the new)


The video tutorials show how easy it is to edit your Singlepage website.

Help when you need it

If you get stuck or just don't have enough time to edit the site yourself, you can always raise a support ticket. I'll estimate how much work is involved and ask you to buy a block of support time - for example 30 minutes, 1 hour etc.

Once you have paid, I'll do the work for you. If you change your mind before you've paid, you can carry on with the changes yourself.