Save time and money

Singlepage gives you help when you need it most - at the start of the project. I build your site for you so that:

  • you save time compared to building your own site
  • you save money compared to employing a web designer

When you place your order

You will need the following items - but please feel free to contact me if you have any queries:

  • the domain name you intend to use for the site when it goes live
  • a contact email address that is already working so I can contact you though the site building process - this email address may be different from those you are asking us to set up (see below)
  • site name and a logo if you have one
  • the main content you want to include in your website including text, photos etc in electronic form (digital photos, text in Word or Notepad document etc)
  • the main search phrase you want to target
  • any email addresses (up to 5) that you want set up

Two rounds of amendments

After I have completed the initial build of your site, I'll ask you to review the site which will be accessible on a test url and will be password-protected so it cannot be viewed publicly. You will then have two rounds of amendments if required for fine-tuning your site. In each round, you will have 7 days to send your instructions and I'll then make the changes and ask you again to review the site.


When you have approved the site, it can go live - the password protection will be removed. Then either you or I can link your domain to the website - basically making some DNS changes at your domain name registrar either using their control panel or by asking them to make the changes for you.