I’m going to show you just how easy it is to edit your Singlepage website.

I'm going to use a demo site I created for an imaginary café called Single Shot.

The site has several different blocks of content including:

  • a banner slideshow
  • a block of text
  • a photo gallery
  • a video
  • various modules in the right-hand column

In this tutorial, I’m going to edit this block of text here. It currently has two paragraphs of  dummy text. On my full-size computer screen, it's in the left-hand column, so I know it will be in a Primary region.

In a separate browser tab, I’ll go to the web address for editing the site and log in using my username and password – you will be given the relevant web address, username and password for your site when the site goes live.

After logging in, I'll click on the Home page link.

I then see a long list of content regions on the web page.

I'm looking for a Text Block in a Primary region. This Text Block is in the Primary 1 region, so I'm guessing that's the one I want to edit. I then click on the name of the region, Primary 1, to open the editing screen.

This has some Help text at the top and then an editing area below. Here are the two paragraphs of dummy text.

I’m going to select the second paragraph and paste in a description of Single Shot’s fantastic coffee.

I’ve now finished my changes, so l'll click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen. I'll see a success message saying “Content successfully updated” at the top of the screen.

It’s very important after making any changes that you check the public front-end of the website. Back in my original browser tab, here is the website currently still showing the two paragraphs of dummy text. But I'll then refresh the page by clicking the "Refresh" or "Reload" button in my web browser. The page will re-load and the second paragraph now contains my amended text.

I have now finished my changes, so back in the other browser tab I'll log out of the admin area for editing the site.

And that’s a very brief introduction to logging in to your Singlepage site, editing some text and logging out. Thank you.