After logging in to edit your website, the admin area looks like this.

click for large version: admin-area

The main screen in the website admin area (click image for large version)


Down the left-hand side of the screen, you'll see the names of the pages in your website. If you only have a single page, this will be displayed as "Home". Or if your website has several pages, they will all be shown here in a list.

Click on a page name to start editing that page

It's as simple as that - to start editing the home page of your website, click the page name "Home".

Click "Singlepage site" to get back to this main screen

The words "Singlepage site" shown at the top of the admin screen are a link back to this main admin screen. Wherever you are in the website admin area, you can click "Singlepage site" to get back to the main screen.